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Boynton Air Conditioning

AC Repair

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Website | (561) 736-1575
1105 SE 2nd St, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 1105 SE 2nd St, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, USA
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Google Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (17 total ratings)

John Lee
5 Star
Boynton air is the best! Bob is so experienced he knows what to do without dragging out a manual.. Extremely thorough! He went beyond replacing old unit. Bob at Boynton air also inspected and repaired old duck work. When the inspector arrived his work passed the first time
Friday 27th January 2017
jason chang
2 Star
I highly recommend. They just installed a new Ac, 16seer 2.5 ton t my place in Stuart. The guys that did the job were fast and efficient. They even bought the cut hedge to the end of the driveway. Bob was recommended to me by mold remediation guy, Ed DeClue of Wet Tech (recommend him too). Even though I have a local AC company, their quote was the best. The other company was going to charge me $500 for a metal box. Bob is a busy guy but he took my call while he was on the roof at a job. He said he would provide me with a receipt (need to submit it) as soon as he gets back to the office. Update: he never got me the invoice promised nor do I find a permit was submitted.
Friday 15th July 2022
John Gallagher
5 Star
The only thing worse than having your AC quit on a hot day is having to wait around for someone to come and fix it. Thankfully, that was NOT a problem here. I spoke to Bob at 9:20, and he told me that he'd be there within the hour. At 10:08, I got the call from the front gate that he was here. By 10:40, our AC was up and running and Bob was on his way. (All these times are *exact*. I checked them on my phone.) Sadly, service like that just isn't that common anymore. We were very pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't hesitate to call Bob again for any future problems, and I would happily recommend him to friends and family.
Thursday 21st May 2020
Puddy Tat
1 Star
Boynton Beach Air is an old-school small mom and pop disorganized operation. Luckily Bob's very busy at the moment and this unfortunately causes him and his little mom and pop operation to screw up... Whats really screwed up is after he screws up he treats you the customers like its your fault now here is a little background.... Called Bob to come by and do a quote to replace an A/C unit he comes across as a stand up guy, one who says what he means and means what he says all until his disorganization and small mom and pop mindset comes into play. Anyways during our call Bob advised he was extremely busy and just got done doing a job in our community and could quote the entire job for XXXX this would include everything a new hurricane stand, permits everything. I email bob with some questions he doesn't respond, call leave him a message he doesn't respond so I give him a week and call him again and he picks up we go over some details and then email him and he responds and everything looks good. So I email him to make sure that everything is included Bob assures me no problem we just need to wait for the a week for the permits and so we are good to go or so I thought. Bob goes and checks with his vendors to confirm the units price and availability, which he should have done before quoting me a price and calls me back in almost a panic stating he can't do the job - no sorry I screwed up, just I can't help ya I have to bow out of this job and good thing I am still very busy but can't help ya for the price I quoted you.. Now in his defense from what I hear he does do good work when he bothers to show up, but from my experience be prepared for him disappearing and not being all that responsive. And if something goes wrong be prepared for him to blame everyone else and not take responsibility otherwise he is seems to be a great guy with a small disorganized 3 man operation...
Thursday 7th June 2018
Hellen Sanchez
1 Star
Called to get an estimate and received the worst response ever. I am a customer who doesn't know what I need and was so defensive when I asked him what I needed. I have 3 apartments that need new units and he couldn't get me an estimate because he is too busy. Very rude and honestly if he is this rude to get an estimate, I don't want to know what it's like to be an actual customer. Luckily, he is very busy. Good for you! However you just missed out on over 500 units in apartments throughout palm beach county buddy.
Tuesday 24th July 2018