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Website | (561) 433-0550
510 Business Park Way, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 510 Business Park Way, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA
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Our trained HVAC technicians are experts in both home and commercial HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. We are keeping South Florida cool one unit at a time! Throughout Palm Beach, Treasure Coast, and Broward are teams of industry trained professionals, backed by friendly and efficient customer service are ready to service all of your HVAC needs. "Love this company! Tom and his staff are the best. I have worked with him in the field as a vendor, as well as him servicing my AC at my home. Professional, fast, great pricing, effecient, caring and very knowledgable in his field. Wouldn't trust anyone else to do my AC work."...Angela

Google Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (105 total ratings)

Sandra Hughes
5 Star
Very professional company returns calls and follows through. Our repair guy Doug was professional, knowledgeable and polite. We are happy customers and would definitely recommend this company. We have used them many times before. Please send your guys to NJ we could use them. Happy customer, Dennis in Juno Beach
Tuesday 23rd January 2024
5 Star
After my AC went out, I reached out to a few companies, everyone was trying to sell me a new AC unit telling me my AC “revolv” is not a brand they can get parts for and if they try (condenser coil) I would need to basically wait til next year. I was in a state of panic as I knew that had to be crazy as we purschased our home brand new in 2019 and our unit was suppose to be under warranty. The company I called couldn’t find my warranty and told me I didn’t have warranty. This made me a bit upset. I called the HOA who provided me CeeDee number and told me to call them as they were the ones who installed my unit in 2018. I guess I called after hours and had a call center rep answer and told me someone will call me the next day and I panicked a bit as our AC was completely out. A few minutes later I received a call from Tom who assured me I was still under warranty and he had my parts I needed. The next day I called the office to book an appointment and was told I would get a call back to schedule. Unfortunately I never did so I called around to see who can fix my AC. I had another company tell me they found my warranty but I would need to wait 3-8 weeks. I waited about 3 weeks, called the company back for an update. They seemed like they forgot who I was and what I needed. I called the office for CeeDee again and spoke to the women in the office and I guess it was a honest mistake not calling me back because when I told her “hey I’m still here no air , no call back, out of options”. She assured me not to worry I will get a date soon as she verifys the part I need is in stock. Again I panicked thinking I need to wait longer now but the next day I had a email from Tom to sign my proposal and appointment for this same Friday. I informed him I would not be home Friday and he moved his schedule around and came out that Wednesday. Which was next day. He did indeed have the part every one made it seem like it was a nightmare to get and thought my easiest route was to get a new AC unit. My house is finally cold after 3-4 weeks. Kind of sucks it look that long but I do regret not blowing them up, they said they would call back and they didn’t I sort of fell through the cracks I should have been proactive and called them again sooner, I do believe it was an honest mistake because soon as I did they came out quickly and fixed my problem. I am super happy.
Thursday 9th November 2023
Stuart Hankins
5 Star
I neglected to pour vinegar down my AC drain monthly… where did that reminder go… it eventually clogged… all my fault 😂 They gave a reasonable estimate, and fit me in right away. Doug came out and took care of it quickly and neatly. He was courteous and professional and the bill was the same as quoted. Such a rarity nowadays 😊 I would definitely recommend them to others!
Wednesday 14th June 2023
Majdulin Dawad
1 Star
UPDATE: based on the reply from the business I would like to clarify I never called CeeDee to come back to the house, that conversation never occurred. I called twice, both times were to ask for a refund for the poor service. Trash business. This business takes the gold medal for worst customer service I have ever dealt with, and will probably hold this title for years to come. Congratulations CeeDee!!! Our AC unit was not working and I instructed my mom to call CeeDee air who we have been going to. The intention was clear, have them come out to diagnosis and correct the issue . They came, left the receipt that the issue was “Not Cooling” and added five pounds of Freon. The AC unit went bad again a couple of days later, irritated I looked at the note and saw it was documented the system was low on coolant & system was in bad shape and would need to be replaced. Unhappy with the fact CeeDee were incapable of diagnosing the real problem, we called other AC place Dana for diagnosis. They said our AC unit had a leak and that’s why it wasn’t cooling, Freon was leaking out. The solution forward is replacing the unit. That was a REASONABLE AND SMART DIAGNOSIS. We agreed with replacing the unit because it was the LOGICAL AND ONLY OPTION. I was utterly shocked that CeeDee air came, saw it was extremely low but were unable to identify there was a leak and that just adding Freon would be a costly “quick fix” aka money grab from the business that would not benefit the home owner who knows nothing about AC. I called asking for a refund on the Freon, I had no problem paying for the service call because that was completed. However, who wants to pay 400-500$ for something that would just go down the drain & have to pay again 7-10K for having a new unit. We rather, as anyone, prefer to do it right the FIRST TIME. I voiced I was unhappy with my service & I was basically told that we were liars. That my mom, who knows nothing about AC, told them to add Freon. I don’t believe this at all. We called because we didn’t know what was wrong!!! The first thing they wrote was low on coolant, added 5 pounds, seems like they didn’t further investigate the issue & just went with the first thing they saw. We called them for their expertise, we didn’t want to think or solve the problem. We aren’t experienced with AC, why the hell would we offer suggestions?? Waste of time and money. And the customer service was the worst, the woman who took the call was just laughing it off in a mocking way. No refund was granted. If you go with CeeDee, keep this review in mind. Would hate for someone else to go through this. At the end of the day, they either didn’t diagnosis the leak or did but still added Freon. Super unhappy
Monday 8th May 2023
Robert Greenspan
5 Star
I have worked with many AC Companies in the West Palm Beach area and none of them were ever able to make my AC cold. I was on the precipice of putting in window units because I could not stand the heat anymore until I called this company. They were clear in what needs to be done to correct my problems and then fixed the issues. The service team led by Ben were smart, polite, patient (I am not an easy client when it comes to my AC), and did a great job. This is the first time in over 5 years that my AC has worked like it supposed to and I really appreciate Tom, Ben, and the whole Cee Dee Team. THANK YOU for my COLD AC! P.S. I never write reviews but I felt compelled by the fact it is cold in my house.
Monday 18th July 2022