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Eldred Air Conditioning

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13531 51st Pl N, West Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA

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Monday: Open 24 hours
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Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 13531 51st Pl N, West Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA
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Google Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (46 total ratings)

Matthew Burns
1 Star
BE CAREFUL. Have to change my review after a couple years. A blower motor should last 10+years. Eldred installed the wrong size blower motor for me in March of 21. Removed my 1/2hp ECM motor along with my (circuit board) and installed the wrong size 3/4hp rescue (Condenser) fan motor with relays. Condeser motors are sealed and their sealed because they belong outside in a Condenser.. the HP is the bigger issue. My unit takes a 1/2hp (Vented EVAP) motor. Reads right on the handlers dog tag and on the ECM motor they removed. I've been having issues with the unit ever since the install. Blower is now overheating and shutting off due to being oversized and the wrong motor, while my outside unit is still calling power. Jaime had to come out as a supervisor on the initial install to finish the job for Jorge who was having a hard time. They had 2 eyes on this repair. Though he was professional on the phone, the fact that he let a 3/4hp motor stay in the box blows my mind. The fact that the words "rescue motor" were never used and I was never informed my circuit board was going to be cut out to save a couple hundred bucks over installing the right ECM motor my Carrier unit calls for pisses me off. I can never go back to the orginal setup. 1 star all day. BE CAREFUL Replaced condeser fan motor with the right Evap motor my unit calls for with a reputable company at half the cost of the install 3 years ago with Eldred. Offered Brandon a chance to make it right. Blower was 112deg after cooling off for 15mins.
Friday 17th May 2024
1 Star
Was just driving on donald Ross and I was just cut off by a technician with no blinker on indicating he was coming into my lane. I beeped at him since he was pretty close since he was apparently going to miss his turn into abacoa. He proceeded to give me the finger while passing when he was the one driving like a jerk. Youre driving around with the companies name on your van you are representing your company at all times because of that. If the techs demeanor on a call is like them on the road I would highly recommend going with another company.
Monday 4th December 2023
5 Star
Incredible service. Worked with me in a way that no other company offered. Jaime was just on top of the exact need I had. The system overall was fine besides a poorly installed system which put undo pressure on the compressor. Excellent solution in this case was fix the poor installation from the builders and replace the compressor. Best for me value wise. It fixed a situational problem I had of a mixed temperature zone issue by these small fixes. Now this system rocks. Thanks in the middle of this hot season and intense supply chain pressure of fixing my system so fast and truly making it a great experience.
Wednesday 7th September 2022
Roger Eichel
5 Star
We did a gut renovation to our vacation home in FL last year which included the installation of a new AC system by our contractor. Living up north for 7 months of the year, we wanted peace of mind. Yet our system would shut off and condensation would flood the floors causing extensive damage. Our contractor could not resolve our problems. Fortunately, Eldred AC was highly recommended to me by our house sitter. When I called its office the day the issue reoccurred, Briana was so courteous, attentive, comforting and efficient. Its systems sent me both texts and emails advising of the window that its technician will arrive that same morning and another when he was on his way. What a quick response and lifesaver for us! Caleb Young was my technician. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. (I was only permitted to give him 5 stars but would have given him a 10 if allowed.) He analyzed and corrected the immediate issue and promptly called me providing a clear and understandable cause and solution my recurring problem. He texted a detailed proposal for how it could be permanently resolved. It was fair and reasonable and gave me the peace of mind one should have for a vacation home. I also enrolled in its maintenance program. I highly recommend Eldred Air Conditioning.
Thursday 5th August 2021
Daragh Mc Caffrey
1 Star
We trusted and used Brandon Eldred owner of Eldred air as our main air conditioning company for 3-4 years as a property management company with 40-60 properties. Things started off great and they met expectations. In the final 2 years billing was back dated 6 months or more and service was less than desired. On my personal property I asked to replace all duct work when purchased after Reno. They left old ductwork up there and then tied in new ducts to some old aspects. I asked the owner of the company to tell me what AC he would put it in my home that he would put his home. Inferior system was installed and I’m still paying yearly issue fees!! Brandon you were better get back to better!
Friday 1st July 2022