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John C Cassidy Air Conditioning & Plumbing

AC Repair

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Website | (561) 805-3810
846 W 13th Ct, Riviera Beach, FL 33404, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 846 W 13th Ct, Riviera Beach, FL 33404, USA
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John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning & Plumbing is Palm Beach County’s premier provider of residential and commercial air conditioning services. Whether you need routine maintenance, a new system installation or around-the-clock emergency services, our specially-trained technicians will make sure all of your needs are met. Our plumbing experts can troubleshoot issues ranging from simple leaks and part replacements to major issues with your plumbing systems. We offer a broad range of plumbing repair services, from faucet, shower, and toilet repairs to full fixture replacements. As a Family-owned and operated business, John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning & Plumbing, only knows one way to treat its customers — The Cassidy Way! From the outset, John C. Cassidy, Sr. made a commitment to himself, his employees and his customers that his company would deliver on these promises:

Google Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (592 total ratings)

Reid G.
5 Star
Cooper Tracy, the HVAC tech with John C Cassidy, just carried out an excellent major service for us. His knowledge, professionalism, demeanor, and timeliness, were stellar.
Tuesday 7th May 2024
Ann Monaco
5 Star
I called first thing in a Monday and was able to be serviced as a new customer. Michael made us life long customers. Honest, nice to talk to and very efficient. Double checks as well! Only ac company we will use. Thanks Michael! Sean Monaco
Monday 13th May 2024
Samantha Rosario
5 Star
Angel was quick and efficient with our annual maintenance. He was professional and was able to take before and after photos to show us where we had sludge buildup and how he fixed it! I would highly recommend Cassidy if you need a new AC or need to get preventative maintenance on your existing unit.
Friday 12th April 2024
val c
4 Star
Sunday afternoon update! Tech-James Christian just left and everything is working perfectly. He was knowledgeable, respectful and detailed. He is a great representative of the company. I also was able to speak to Billy in the office who also apologized and was extremely professional. They really did a great job in rectifying the situation. I really wished that I spoke to these to gentleman from the beginning. I don’t think my experience is a reflection of the company as a whole. There probably just needs to be a little tweaking as with most companies especially when using after hours/emergency answering services. Friday night a technician (Beechova) came over to the house for a service call b/c the unit stopped working on Thursday. The technician stated the AC blower motor went out and he did not have the part on his truck. We were told (by the tech) that someone would be out the next day (Saturday) around the same time to complete the repair. On Saturday about an hour (4:27pm) before the expected time I called the office to confirm an ETA for the service tech since I hadn’t been contacted yet. I was told that there were no notes put in indicating that a follow-up appointment was scheduled for today and if I want to schedule an emergency call for a technician to come out I’d have to pay $180! Really because the appointment wasn’t put on the calendar and there were no notes in the system, how exactly is this now my responsibility? The representative then told me they would try to contact the technician who came on Friday and that they would give a call back. At 5:46pm I called back in and spoke to Kim as I didn’t receive a return call. I re-explained the situation and was told they would reach out to another technician and would call me back. I was told that the techs can wave the $180 at their discretion. So at this point I’m now assuming perhaps this tech will be able t come out and the company will make it right by not charging us the $180… Surprise… no return phone call. I then called in Sunday morning for an update and spoke to Carrie, only to be told they also weren’t able to contact the tech that was working yesterday. So… you weren’t able to have a conversation with the tech from Friday? You weren’t able to actually reach the tech that was working on Saturday for him to come out? And yet no follow-up phone call to even let me know what’s going on? Of course I was told they are still trying to reach someone and would give me a call back. I’m not sure what’s going on and the company doesn’t either. I don’t know if my experience would’ve been different if I delightfully agreed to pay the $180 when it was first mentioned. I have worked in this industry and I’m quite surprised with the “I don’t know” answers. After a service call is put in the tech is to update their notes indicating the result of the call. If it’s completed it will be closed out with specifics regarding what was done to the unit. if another appointment is needed that is something that is also noted and relayed to the schedulers and put on the calendar. Even if the part is not in house, this is something that is also noted visibly and tied to the service call so the parts department can order if necessary. Once there is an eta for the part, the service call will be put on schedule. These are all necessary steps to provide the most accurate information. However, the waiting on parts issue shouldn’t be our case as the tech confirmed that he just didn’t have it at the moment and someone would be out the next day to put it on, nor was in notated in their system. None of this was done the ball was dropped from the very beginning.
Sunday 21st April 2024
Maureen Heil
5 Star
Christian H. Arrived at my mother’s home on time and prepared to install a UV light system on her air conditioning unit. I felt it was a great investment to ensure the air quality in her home was improved. Christian explained all the benefits of installing UV lights. He was courteous, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and so clean cut!! It was a pleasure doing business with him! Will definitely use Cassidy in the future and highly recommend them! Thank you, Christian!😊
Wednesday 13th March 2024